Mango Salsa Shooters and Scoop-Your-Own-Avocado: Classroom Snack

Another vegan classroom snack

Another vegan classroom snack

Here’s another classroom snack. It’s a larger portion of the last time I served this snack for the two-year olds. For the three-year olds who are now pouring their own water, I put the salsa in extra water glasses and gave them each a half avocado to scoop themselves. Then there’s the organic blue corn chips. The shooters could have been poured into an extra bowl or just poured over the chips. Parsley garnishes came courtesy of the school’s herb pot.

Speaking of scoop-your-own items, here are good ones: avocado, baked sweet potato, baby watermelon, baked baby pumpkin. What are some of YOUR favorites?


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