Passover Classroom Snack: Matzoh, Sunbutter, and Chunky Applesauce “Haroset”

Matzoh, Sunbutter and Applesauce "Haroset"

In honor of Passover, I served Matzoh (just half), sunbutter (hence no nuts), and chunky applesauce from TJ’s. Haroset traditionally has wine and walnuts and chopped apples. So, no wine, no nuts. I knew I wouldn’t have time to mince apples at the preschool so I got the next best thing: chunky applesauce from Trader Joes. It was unsweetened and had large slices of apple in the puree. Then I sprinkled cinnamon powder and garnished with orange mint from the Toddler Garden. Afterwards, I showed them how large the matzo really is, and the three to five-year-olds oohed and ahhed. Such a fun, vegan, kosher snack!

If you know any friends who might like this, or have other Passover snacks, please pass along!
I’d love to hear from you!


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