Oatmeal for Classroom Snack

Breakfast in a Minute

Breakfast in a Minute

Even as a chef parent, according to State of Georgia rules, I am not allowed to bring homemade snacks for the class. I understand and stand by the concern that there is no control for cross-contamination of homemade items. There are other restrictions: no nuts, no grapes, no raw carrots, and no eggs or milk (classmate allergy). The school also discourages processed crackers like those ubiquitous Goldfish and individual packaging.

So on my Parent Teacher-Assistant day, I brought instant Cinnamon Oatmeal and cooked it by adding boiling water from a hotpot and covering the metal bowl with foil. It was aromatic and with a banana garnish it looked so inviting. The teachers requested some too!

As a practical matter, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is start the kettle boiling. I jump in the shower and by the time I’m done the hot water is ready for my oat bran (cooks just as fast as instant) and a cup of cone-filtered coffee. Our family has instituted a rule: only oatmeal for breakfast during the week. This has peacefully simplified our mornings!


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